1. Early Access Launch
  2. 0.53.126384
  3. 0.54.126645
  4. 0.55.127157
  5. 0.57.128177
  6. 0.58.129488
  7. 0.59.131121
  8. 0.60.133516
  9. 0.60.133516
  10. 0.62
  11. Beta

Status Report - 16 May 2017

New screenies of 0.62, latest dev updates from Eugen, design musings from both Brian and Peter, and some cool photos as a bonus! It's Status Report time!

Status Report - 02 May 2017

Another beefy Status Report this week! Brian, Eugen, Peter, Mirek and Baty are reporting on our recent progress - let's get to it.

Status Report - 18 April 2017

Brian and Eugen are on this week, providing some detailed insight on our development progress and plans for 0.62 & BETA. Get ready for a long read!

Status Report - 4 April 2017

This week's Status Report is packed with both interesting bits about the progress we've made on the game and some cool new visuals! Let's get to it!

Status Report - 21 March 2017

We're sharing progress on new melee combat animations from Victor, our Lead Sound Designer Andrej is teasing audio updates in 0.62 and 0.63 and more!

Status Report - 08 March 2017

Brian and Mirek explain why we pushed vehicles to Stable early, Peter and Viktor tease our new melee combat and more!

Status Report - 21 February 2017

Latest info on DayZ development process, important news about our new scripting language and details on the biggest change Chernarus has received in years!

Status Report - 7 February 2017

We have a new Status Report for you. Brian is talking about known issues and fixes what are we working now and Victor is sharing some news from animation department. We want to show you an interesting thread from our official Forum and you can find awesome song in Community Spotlight.