1. Early Access Launch
  2. 0.53.126384
  3. 0.54.126645
  4. 0.55.127157
  5. 0.57.128177
  6. 0.58.129488
  7. 0.59.131121
  8. 0.60.133516
  9. Beta

Status Report - 22 Nov 2016

Hello Survivors! We have a juicy Status Report for you again! Victor presents a video full of new animations, Adam is talking about military base changes and Baty is showcasing all the cool wolves footage from our community creators.

Status Report - 08 Nov 2016

Afternoon Survivors, We have an update from Brian, Mirek and Dustin for you. They'll be sharing the latest about the 0.62 presentation at PAX Australia, 0.61 Experimental public testing, and some details about what's going on here at the DayZ offices.

Status Report - 25 Oct 2016

Afternoon Survivors, Another status report Tuesday comes around with Brian, Peter, Viktor, Mirek and Adam. They will share the latest info on where we are at in the development process.

Status Report - 11 Oct 2016

So, an update from Brian, Peter, and Viktor in regards to user actions and animations, the new launcher, and of course the current status going towards 0.61 as well as blockers are in this week's status report.

Status Report - 28 Sept 2016

Brian has been out sick for the past couple of days but he's back in action again and, while a day late, we now have Brian, Peter, Mirek, and Viktor giving us the status quo on DayZ development as we keep moving towards 0.61.

Status Report - 13 Sept 2016

As we move closer towards the next Experimental branch update, Creative Director Brian Hicks will share the latest info on where we are at in the development process.

DayZ Security Issue Report

Over the last few months and into the beginning of the year we've been making adjustments to our Feedback Tracker to better support the Early Access userbase.

Status Report - 30 Aug 2016

Development rolls on, and this week we have Creative Director Brian Hicks and Lead Gameplay Programmer Mirek filling us in on where we're at in regards to subjects such as network synchronisation, the new audio tech, and dynamic spawning of the infected.

Status Report - 16 Aug 2016

This week a lot of the guys are off for GamesCom, so our Creative Director gives us some good info on subjects such as upcoming updates for audio, dynamic shadows, desync, as well as an update on the 0.61 milestone goals.

Status Report - 02 Aug 2016

This week our Creative Director gives a status update on work being conducted on the CLE and the 0.61 milestone goals, while Lead Designer Peter and Lead Animator Viktor fill is in on subjects such as the server browser and work on animations.