Alright, the guys all worked tireless hours in order to bring you version 0.60 over on Experimental branch!

Please feel free to join in on the discussion in our 0.60 Experimental topic on our DayZ forums here, and feel free to report your bugs in the forum topic here. Your support is massively appreciated, everyone!


Now, there's no dev build in play without bugs, so for now, we have the following known issues:

- Client: FPS may drop to zero when clouds are enabled.

- Error Message: “Cannot open object dz\plants\dead\d_fagussylvatica_fallen.p3d”.
- Error Message: “unable to load WoodTwinOpen from CfgActionSounds”.

- Animals: Some animals can get stuck in obstacles.

- Character: Freshly spawned character can be visually naked.
- Character: Pistol on 'Hip' slot is placed under feet on the characters model.

- Environment: Character is able to look through walls when wielding a ranged weapon.

- Infected: Infected can hit you at a distance when you go from prone to stand.
- Infected: Infected can lose their texture.
- Infected: Infected run through walls after getting stuck on stairs.
- Infected: Hits registering with a delay when infected attacks player.
- Infected: Infected attack at a distance for the first couple of attacks.

- Items: Items swapped in the in hands slot during action can disappear permanently.
- Items: Suppressors have no effect.

- Menu: Server browser - Missing "icons" for servers (Passworded, Bad version).

- New Renderer: Paramedic infected are visually disappearing at a certain distance.
- New Renderer: Some damaged, badly damaged and ruined items have texture as pristine.
- New Renderer: Attachments on weapon are twitching.
- New Renderer: Visual bugs - shadows, textures (flickering, missing for example), light.

- Server: Items are not persistent after server restart.
- Server: Ammo/magazines are not peristent after server restart.
- Server: Corpses are frozen in their last pose after reconnect (standing/kneeling for example).
- Server: Desync: Player sees another player in climbing animation.
- Server Browser: Remote tab doesn't work properly.

- Throwing: If a weapon is thrown after swapping (weapons), it can get stuck in hands.

- UI: New UI: Player is not able to dress another unconscious/dead/restrained character.
- UI: Redundant Action "view content" is present.

- Vehicles: Global Issue: Vehicles suddenly stop moving.
- Vehicles: Characters can't get out when the vehicle is stuck between obstacles.
- Vehicles: Players driving vehicles will have a delayed view of other players driving vehicles.
- Vehicles: Global: Input delay while driving with another car in close proximity.
- Vehicles: Driver experience tiny rollback when getting close to another vehicle.

- Weapons: Global Grenades: Grenades will do their function only if thrown.
- Weapons: Flash Grenade: inconsistent blinding effect.
- Weapons: Ranged: Reloading and chambering weapons on the ground isn't registered until character takes weapon into hands.
- Weapons: Bolt/pump action, internal mag based weapons can shoot two shots without appropriate action taken.

- Bolts/arrows are not being rendered inside weapons.

- There's a risk that you get a client crash when connecting to servers if the initial installation (as in, literally the first installation you ever do) of DayZ is the current 0.60 Experimental version. Try fixing by updating drivers and Windows, revert to 0.59 on Stable branch, log on to a server, log off/shut down DayZ, upgrade to 0.60 on Experimental branch.


Header image credit: Lewy

- Smoss