DayZ takes place in the fictional post-Soviet country of Chernarus. A 225km2 world inspired by the geography of areas of the Czech Republic. You can still see signs of the heavy Soviet presence in the signs, books, and posters spread across the country in both Chernarusian, and Russian languages.

Please visit our Steam Store page in order to review the system requirements for DayZ.

You can purchase DayZ either via Steam or via the Bohemia Interactive Store.

DayZ is a standalone product so you do not need Arma 2 in order to play DayZ.

Right-click DayZ in your Steam Library. Select "Properties". Select the tab "BETAs". Select if you wish to opt into or out of the Experimental version.

Until the game is fully optimised, feel free to have a look at this Forum topic.

This problem is a known issue that the team is working on fixing. In order to minimize the risk of losing your gear after a server restart, it is recommended that you wait until a couple of minutes have passed by according to the time on the restarted server before reconnecting with your character.

If it's wednesday, then this will most likely be due to our server maintenance which is scheduled every wednesday at 08:00 (GMT +1).

You can report any bug you find on the Feedback Tracker. Please remember to perform a search before filing.

You can reach our customer support via the following email address: For queries related to purchases made via Steam, please contact Steam's support.

The development team releases weekly status reports that are uploaded across our Website Dev Hub, the DayZ Forums, Steam, and Tumblr. Additionally, some of the lead team members have their own specific sections on the forums where you can ask them anything related to Art, Animation, Audio, Design, and Service & Tech for example.

DayZ is powered by the Enfusion engine, which is currently under development by Bohemia Interactive.

The Enfusion engine's development is ongoing along side DayZ during the Early Access period. Throughout this development, new modules and technology from the Enfusion team is merged into the stable and experimental branches of DayZ, and deprecated placeholder modules and technology from the Real Virtuality engine is replaced and merged out.

Core Enfusion development is currently scheduled to complete alongside the primary development period for DayZ.

Simply put - the hostile humanoid A.I. in the DayZ universe are not zombies. The angry, screaming, filthy A.I. you encounter scattered throughout the Chernarusian country side are human beings infected with a highly communicable virus that drives them into a blood thirsty rage.

These people are very much alive, unlike the traditional "zombie", and thus can be killed with shots to the body - rather than just headshots. The player characters in DayZ are immune to this virus, and thus do not "turn" into the infected when attacked.

Currently, DayZ development is focused on a per milestone goal basis, which is covered in our biweekly Status Reports. While we do not have a hard targeted date, our team's progress towards beta and Early Access release is covered in the previously mentioned Status Report - and discussion is ongoing in our official forums

You can read more about our current and upcoming milestone goals at and participate in our official forums at

As for the console versions; both an Xbox One and a PS4 version of DayZ has been announced. Having a console version prototype was originally slated for 2016. However, the console prototype will be for internal work/testing and will not be released in a live environment. Any news on the console versions of DayZ will be announced via our Status Reports and/or our social media accounts.

As of the time of this FAQ entry, DayZ is utilizing DirectX 11. However, as development on the Enfusion engine continues DayZ will move towards supporting both DX 11, and DX 12.

Thus, the minimum system requirements for DayZ requires a DirectX 11 video card. DirectX 12 support will be supported in the future, and will run tandem with DirectX 11.

If you experience issues running DayZ on Windows Vista, please install the following Windows update available from Microsoft's website: